Hopeful Me

My name is Jacklyn. I’m learning to live with ulcerative colitis. I was diagnosed on April 17th, 2013 with mild UC, and April 2014 it turned severe and I was hospitalized. I’m currently on remicade infusions to get to remission, and I’m almost there. I’m there! At least as close as I’m going to get.

This blog started as my outlet for accepting and embracing my disease, and has turned into offering a little bit of hope to anyone else out there living with a chronic illness. It’s my reminder that everyone needs a little hope to cling to, and I hope to bring a little more of it to the world.

Aside from having ulcerative colitis, I practice yoga, love on my corgi-mix dogchild, love on my boyfriend, enjoy time with my family, read as many books as I can dive into, craft with my crazy girlfriends, get outside and enjoy the beauty of the world as much as possible, and smile and laugh as often as I can. I also am an avid list maker, wish maker, prayer requester and journal writer. I believe that God is good and He has a plan for me, I’m just trying to do my best to hear and act on it.



8 thoughts on “Hopeful Me

  1. I am just coming out of one of my worst flare ups ever. I battle with the decision to start biologics. I’m scared I guess of all I read about side effects and susceptibility to infections and such. All I have been on is anti-inflammatory meds. I am tired of living anxious and limited. Any advice?

    • The possible side effects are definitely worth considering, some can be pretty serious. I was like you, at my worst point ever and my options were imuran or remicade, but the doctor’s didn’t think I had time for imuran. Remicade worked for me to stop the bleeding almost immediately. I just feel like I have the flu/ a terrible hangover afterwards. There’s some hair loss, and like you said I have to be really careful about sanitizing and avoiding germs. I keep sanitizer and lyscol everywhere.
      I talked to my nurses about it Friday night actually and they said they’re giving it (remicade) out like candy. It’s definitely a personal decision. But it, I think along with yoga, and a restricted diet haven given me my life back. Good luck! Wishing and hoping you heal soon .

      • Thanks for that. It’s such a shame these meds have such side effects. I’m going to try yoga. Restrictive diets haven’t really helped me, but I avoid certain foods for sure. Good luck to you too. Health is on the way!

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