Hope Warrior-Jennifer

I know it’s been a while. I’ve been busy. I’m a bad blogger. I promise I’m working on things, I just don’t want to put stuff out there that I’m not proud of, and I want to make sure what I’m posting has a focus. That said, I won’t fail in bringing you a monthly Hope Warrior because 1) I think it’s awesome, 2) I really like doing it and 3) MOST IMPORTANTLY, these are some incredibly awesome people that deserve to have their story read and shared. They inspire me every day.

Without further ado..please read Jennifer’s story. Share it. Take hope from it. She’s amazing.


One thought on “Hope Warrior-Jennifer

  1. Found this blog through @jenn09leigh on Instagram. I absolutely LOVE this idea. As a newly initiated member of the chronic illness club, I think this is so cool! Keep up the encouragement. Your words are making a huge difference in people’s lives!

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